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Our Refuge In Times Of Trouble

March 22, 2020

"God is our REFUGE and STRENGTH, an ever-present help in times of trouble." —Ps 46:1 

THIS is a time of trouble…when Coronavirus has cast a long shadow of sickness, fear, and disruption over the whole world. Without elaborating on the bad news, we can simply say...

  • Sickness is stalking populations, 
  • Fear is shutting down commerce and raiding the stock market
  • Jobs and Industries are at risk

But there’s Good News in times of trouble...


GOD’s Presence is available as a Shelter to those who run in to Him. 

"The name of the LORD is like a strong tower; the righteous person runs in to it and is set safely on high." —Prov. 18:10 

HE is our SHELTER from the storm!  

The safety of the world depends upon finding a REFUGE to seal you in and hope the germ doesn’t land on you and make you sick.  BUT GOD makes you safe by putting Jesus, His REFUGE, in you so that if the germ touches you IT DIES!

"O God, listen to my cry!  Hear my prayer!  From the ends of the earth, I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed.  Lead me to the towering rock of safety, for YOU are my safe refuge, a fortress where my enemies cannot reach me." —Psa. 61:1-3 

Jesus: the 4th man in the fire furnace with Meshach, Shadrach, Abednego 

“LORD, help!” they cried in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He sent out his WORD and healed them, snatching them from the door of death."  —Psa. 107:19-20 

The Promises of His Word and Name are the REFUGE of His Safety…

"Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the WORD of GOD…" —Heb. 11:3 

"So mightily grew the WORD of God and PREVAILED." —Acts 19:20 

"For the WORD of GOD is living and active and sharper than any double-edged sword, piercing even to the point of dividing soul from spirit, and joints from marrow; it is able to judge the desires and thoughts of the heart." —Heb. 4:12 

"For they (the WORD of GOD) are life to those who find them and healing to one’s entire body." —Prov. 4:22 


So let’s take our REFUGE in GOD’s Word.  This is how we do it...

"The one thing I ask of the LORD the thing I seek most—is to live in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, delighting in the LORD’s perfections and meditating in his Temple.  For he will conceal me there when troubles come; he will hide me in his sanctuary.  He will place me out of reach on a high rock.  NOW I will hold my head high above my enemies who surround me.  At his sanctuary I will offer sacrifices with shouts of joy, singing and praising the LORD with music." —Psa. 27:4-6   

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