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December 26, 2019



Praise & Worship is declaring the WORTH-ship of GOD.  True WORTH-ship will praise GOD for His worthiness beyond your personal reasons.  True praise and worship of GOD depends upon your WILL not your CONDITION.  Therefore whatever Dominates your WILL Controls your worship!  

Over recent decades the place of P&W has been highly elevated in church.  But with the unintended consequence, of P&W Music taking on a prominence above the true meaning of WORTH-ship.  In short, we’re training many Christians to be incapable of worshipping without getting the music and songs the way they like them.  Worshipping GOD is in danger of being subjected to the same proclivities that govern the choice of radio stations.  

The reinforcing of one primary principal of WORTH-ship would instantly bring this error back into balance.  In 2 Sam. 24:24, when David was going to worship the LORD with a sacrifice and Araunah offered to give him one of his oxen, David refused and said, “No, I insist on buying it, for I will not present burnt offerings to the LORD my God that have cost me nothing. At the very minimum our Praise of GOD ought too come at the expense of our own will.


PRAISE & WORSHIP-1 "Worth-Ship"

PRAISE & WORSHIP-2 "Defining Praise, Worship, & Blessing"

PRAISE & WORSHIP-3 "Praise & The Presence of God"

PRAISE & WORSHIP-4 “Stultification”

PRAISE & WORSHIP-5 "Stultification By Praise"



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